Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No city action necessary

One of the 60 buildings that the City put on its immediate action list, which is an unsavory list of buildings that Kathy Taylor is trying to have demolished, should probably be taken off the list now. The old Abundant Life building in Uptown may soon be seeing some more good ole abundant life to it.

"Abundant Life;" there was never a more ironic name. Truly. The city chose a plan of action to target these 60+ buildings by extensively fining the owners until some move to improve the properties or stop "squatting" the property values was made--to the tune of $1,000 for each day of existence until the properties were brought up to code. Which, between now and 12/21/12 could cost an owner $1.385 million. To be fair though, as soon as the addition of Abundant Life to the list was made public in a Tulsa Whirled article, the owner (who happens to be well-heeled Tulsan David Horten) mentioned he did have plans to renovate the property into a mixed-use development.

None of us would have expected the following project on this site without demolishing the original Abundant Life building:

No city action necessary, I suppose.

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