Sunday, January 2, 2011

North Broadway Lights in A-Alley

Whoever or whatever was the inspiration for the lights along Broadway in Automobile Alley, was pure genius. Not hokie. Not kitschy. Not overdone. Simple, elegant, chic, and impressive. Now in its second year, it was the historic auto dealership buildings themselves that lit up downtown, veiled in bright strands of Christmas lights. When some colors look absolutely hideous individually on some ranch houses, when draped over the entire edifice the effect is really something--I hope they are doing this for a long time, as A-Alley grows in popularity in coming years.

I took a lot of pics, and I'll post more later, but here are just a few of the best that came out pretty good in my opinion. Still trying to figure out how to take decent night pics with a real camera, but I think there are a few decent ones in here:

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