Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our last remnants of Main Street

Do you believe that great, quality old buildings and shiny new buildings together compliment each other and build a great urban environment? If so, you just may appreciate these photos from Will Hider:

If you DON'T think these buildings contribute to each other, especially if the old buildings were renovated and filled with tenants, then you're in luck. They are likely to be demolished very soon.

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Kyle said...

I wish so badly that none of these buildings are torn down. Far too often people get caught up in the next shiny new thing without giving a thought to preserving what's there. What is the point of building attractive buildings now, if in 50-100 years from now people will be tired of them? History is an important thing to preserve. You cannot regain something once it has been demolished. I don't care if the next skyscraper is planned for this block, I want to see it preserved. If that means no new skyscraper, then so be it. Besides, sometime in the not too distant future people are going to think that today's building styles are ugly, and will end up wanting the new thing torn down. The history is lost in the process - this endlessly repeating cycle of human nature. It frustrates me to no end that many have no regard for history, or the interestingness, character, and insight it beholds.

Perhaps one day people will finally wake up and realize what they are doing. I commend you for fighting to retain the rich history of OKC, despite it seemingly often being a losing battle. Hopefully we can rally more people like you and save this block, and the history it contains.