Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New MAPS3 renderings

I think arguably I've posted more renderings about potential MAPS3 projects than anyone else, but here are some new ones that came out. The Chamber launched a new MAPS3 campaign website at where they do a lot more to explain the projects than anyone anywhere else has, namely the City of OKC itself. I think though perhaps they aren't doing that at risk of promoting the ballot too heavily, or maybe they just "stink at life," I don't know.

Here are the new ones that haven't been posted anywhere on this blog yet:

Overall, I'm excited to see the streetcar renderings. Even though I know it won't look anything like that. For one, if they put streetcar in they would probably end up making Sheridan look nicer, and secondly there aren't any tracks OR wires in the street in those pictures. But it is still exciting for them to show us a picture of Sheridan with streetcar going down it, with Bricktown buildings and the Devon Tower lining the street in the background.

The convention center rendering is a joke. All of the C2S illustrations are way better (2 different designs), even though the location they have in mind is horrible. In the end we know these renderings are preliminary just to show the concepts of streetcar and convention center, yet the convention center rendering is so horribly atrocious. That is exactly what a $280 million convention center does NOT look like no matter what. That thing is worse-looking than the Myriad would have been had it not become the Cox Center, and it reminds me of Tulsa's outdated convention center that they're renovating. Perhaps it would have made up for it if it showed the OKC skyline or Bricktown in the background..


Doug Dawg said...

That's all good, Nick, but these images have also been posted yesterday in and in OkcCentral. No scoop this time, my man!

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Doug, why would you post that? I mean I don't really ever claim to have an exclusive scoop. I pretty much say the exact same thing in comments elsewhere that I say on here.

I think I can say "well, since my blog is one of the best collections of renderings/photos" because of the nature of my blog, which tries to be a photoblog a lot of times. And less of a news blog.