Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in OKC..

Had to come back to OKC for an important occasion, as much as it breaks my heart to be missing out on the Canadian Olympics. My 88 year old great-grandfather, who I was really close with, passed away last Monday. He was a true leader on the south side of OKC, where he lived his entire life. Also a true history archive..whether it be WWII history, south side history, Masonic history, or automotive history. And a great man.

Me and my father went to have coffee Coffee Slingers on Broadway. I saw Steve Mason busily walking back and forth. Also saw Andrew Rice and, I think, Skirvin G.M. John Williams there..they were going over what appeared to be building documents, and not Skirvin building documents. My dad says he overheard Rice saying, "So should we keep this quiet?" but I suspect that was just imagined by his right-wing mind (as we know, Rice is as liberal as they come).

So was it something other than building documents? Quite possibly. Who knows, but they were up to something. My hopeful guess? Maybe John Williams has something interesting in mind for the future of the Skirvin, that would require historic tax rebates or something, or perhaps a different project altogether?

Also saw Steve Mason there, who caught my eye as he waved at me. Mason is an awesome guy whose a real "can-do" kind of person. He sees a vision for 9th and Broadway and went and achieved it, and he's not done yet--and he won't be slowed down by non-local indicators. Mason is also a big believe in casual Fridays at the office, I believe, but he was dressed up today.

So here's some more idle speculation, because this post is indeed in need of more, (hopeful speculation, as it's really true that I very much wish the best for 9th and Broadway): What if Steve missed out on casual Friday because he had a big deal go down today, signed a prospective tenant or met with a bank or something, for a project on the south side of 9th? That would be great. Remember, he was hoping to add another restaurant and a traditional furniture store (as opposed to the interior design shop). What if there was also a residential component? Not that I have ANY inkling of an idear.

Also as two final items, just wanted to suggest that posting will probably get even more intermittent--I was already incredibly swamped with school work, now after having to leave for a few days for the funeral, that's gotten worse. Also, I don't want to fuel any speculation with this or gossip, that's not my intent..I was just noticing that some "big players" in OKC were most definitely at it again today.

And isn't it great that we have these places in OKC where city leaders constantly converge? I don't know if Coffee Slingers has become such a place, such as Nonna's or the Art Museum's Tuesdays on the roof, but today it certainly seemed like it. Definitely a sign of a city that is developing well.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Your family is in my prayers.