Friday, July 9, 2010

Double check those facts

Downtown OKC Inc. has this nifty website where they cite a lot of really interesting statistics for downtown. The only problem is, I can't determine how they got 52,000 downtown workers. I especially get annoyed when I use statistics that I presume are correct to support a case for our downtown, and then get called out on my statistics. Turns out, these Downtown OKC Inc. stats are incorrect.

Using the Census' Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics website this becomes evident. By searching 2008 data (most recent available), and placing a 1-mile radius around a reference point at the corner of Park and get 39,682. If you move the 1-mile radius to 4th and Harrison it jumps up to a little over 49,000 including the Oklahoma Health Center, but still not 52,000.


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Anonymous said...

They're probably including the capitol as well. Not saying they should be.... - Steve