Monday, April 11, 2011

An incredible realization

I just came to an incredible realization that I think really speaks to how hopeless the cause for real transit in Oklahoma is.

Remember Rocketplane? Oklahoma, as a state, was willing to throw millions and millions and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain to line the pockets of some greedy scumbags who wanted to use Oklahoma as a hub for "space travel." And the idiots at the state capital bought this. We can't have normal transit for normal people, here on earth, but they were happy to subsidize "space travel" for rich people, which never happened anyway.

How sad is that? Maybe what Oklahoma needs is for a snake oil salesman to come to town and sell mass transit to the state legislature. Maybe there HAS to be a greedy scumbag to profit behind the scenes in order for something to have a shot in the state legislature.

This is not funny, at all. This is a reason to take up drinking, actually. It's absolutely indefensible. This, as we're currently debating a proposal from the Skirvin Partners that would put a convention center over the only place that downtown OKC could ever have a high speed rail connection going the other way out of town.

It's just how things work, I guess.


OKC Herbivore said...

yeah. thinking of our city's transit drives me to drink too.

and as cynical as it sounds, I honestly think you might get closer to selling transit (selling improved life, property values, jobs, etc.!!) to our state's leg. if you had an oligarchy benefitting from it. I'm not joking.

Lee said...

I can't believe I have already forgotten about "RocketPlane"!

Great analysis of where transit ranks in the state of OK. Very funny but sad, that Okies would rather travel in a rocket than by real transit.

By the way I found the hidden video of the sales pitch given that day at the state capitol, by RocketPlane to secure the millions and millions for funding.

You will be sold on it too if you watch this video.