Thursday, November 10, 2011

BUDC votes in favor of aspiring parking overlord Chris Johnson

The Bricktown Suburban Design Committee is absolutely pathetic. Not a whole lot that's new there, but it is what it is. The bar is now officially set so low it's even lower than Lower Bricktown.

We now have a parking "garage" (basically one elevated level of parking) overlooking people and canal taxis as they pass the canal. A surface parking lot would be better. This "garage" will essentially be a surface parking lot raised above the canal.

Does anyone even take pride in this city even more? This spot of land possibly had more potential than any other plot in downtown. Since when did we just start passing sub-par suburban developments in BRICKTOWN, surface parking and all? Pathetic.

Bob Bright is a joke. Someone who has to ask whether Wanda Jackson Way is an alley or a road is a joke, especially if they were somehow appointed to serve on the committee overseeing urban design in BRICKTOWN. The others who approved this development (ALL except Tom Wilson) are also just as pathetic as this development, except also spineless.

Stay tuned and I'll tell you how I really feel at a later date.
Avis Scaramucci and Phil Miller, where were you guys, why didn't you vote? Do you all care to prevent what is happening to Bricktown, or is urban design (the name of the committee you sit on) not important after all for an "urban" district?


Erick said...

I guess the way the codes are written, they couldn't have denied based solely on the parking... too bad.

NR said...

That is a bluff I would call. In fact that's utter baloney, pardon my French. Remember the appeal for SR? That was very clear as to what the code said should happen, the DDRC said, "Okay that's cool about the code and all that, but here's our decision."

Apparently the code only doesn't matter when it helps the powers that be push through terrible development at the direct expense of taxpayers. That canal WAS the taxpayer's investment, and now that investment has parking along it. Utterly ridiculous.