Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coffee and snacks @ Nonna's

For all the negativity I may have expressed regarding Avis Scaramucci, which I believe was rightly deserved for the current Bricktown doldrums, I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. Just the other day I had some time to kill, so I and a friend visited the Purple Bar to catch up--I had some coffee and a few delicious orange madelines (hard to describe, but I highly recommend) and took in the incredible view from above Nonna's.

Bricktown may have run out of steam under Avis' watch, but that doesn't mean that the entire Nonna's compound, retail, bar, restaurant, and all (including the heart-warming story of an Italian emigre family from Krebs) is an OKC classic. Avis truly does things right with Nonna's, and perhaps that alone is justification to run the show.

So let me pose a question to readers, and feel free to comment and share your opinion, although I know many of you are lurkers. Is it better to "lead by example" or lead with your votes? One could argue that Scaramucci has been rather lenient on the Bricktown Suburban Design Commission. One could also argue that Nonna's, from an urban design standpoint, is the standard-bearer for Bricktown in terms of development, maybe even restaurant quality (although too many good restaurants for that one to be clear-cut).

So which is more important?

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Kyle said...

Although I don't live in Oklahoma City, I have to agree, from information gathered by reading various articles and opinions, that Avis Scaramucci has not done an exceptional job at leading Bricktown. But I can't go into much more detail, because I'm just not in the loop with OKC like I am with Tulsa.

However, as an answer (sort of) to your question on the best way to lead, I would say that there is no cut and dry answer. I think the leader of a neighborhood that is in the process of being revitalized, ought to be someone who has helped and is continuing to help the neighborhood become better. Scaramucci only really qualifies in one of those categories. She has helped with Bricktown's revitalization, but what is she doing now?

So, for the most part, I think a leader should lead by example. But what good is it if a person does wonderful things for a district, but then votes in other things that degrade it? Therefore, a leader must also vote in such a way that it further enhances the neighborhood.

I honestly do not understand Avis Scaramucci's position. Has she given up on Bricktown? What is the problem? Why does the BUDC vote to allow sub par projects?

I can give one solid statement though, and that is that the current leadership in Bricktown is not working. However good or bad their intentions, they are not getting the needed results, and that is that.