Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hubcap Alley?

Does anyone know anything about a mostly-complete streetscape project along South Robinson from the new I-40 all the way across the river, down to Capitol Hill? I have not seen this personally myself yet, but I have been told that it actually looks pretty good and highlights the enormous potential of this area of Core2Shore.

I've also been told that there is red branding signage attached to new street lamps that look really similar to Automobile Alley, and they say "Hubcap Alley" on them. This, along with historic-themed black streetlamps (interesting, I distinctly remember a C2S presentation with Hargreaves looong ago in which city officials were all in unanimous agreement on the need for modern branding in C2S) arranged 2-per-block, which also required the sidewalks to be rebuilt between I-40 and the river. Also interesting considering that the Film Row streetscape didn't get street lighting until lately and only after public pressure, and yet the much-more dubious South Robinson gets them under the radar.

Apparently this was budgeted into the 2000 G.O. bond projects, and with the black hole created in downtown traffic circulation created by ongoing capital projects, it's no surprise that this streetscape went in so under the radar.

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James Hawley said...

we are gearing up to fight to save both sides of South Robinson, the park plans should be modified to leave the existing buildings and operating businesses alone, the area is not blighted but is actually a thriving community.