Monday, September 8, 2008

Polls are In

The polls are in. McCain-Palin has made a bigger impression than anyone could have imagined and we now have a race. It's true that the difference has been Sarah Palin, BUT it's the combination of the two mavericks that's been most deadly. The two really complete each other, and McCain was truly incomplete before the convention when the Republicans were running HIM and not vice versa. Now that McCain is running the Republicans, the McCain campaign has seen a 10-point JUMP just over the weekend.

49% McCain
44% Obama

Whereas just last week (for most of last week) Obama had a 4-point lead in the polls until it had become tied on Friday. Of this doesn't just prove that McCain is very much back in the race. It does even more to prove to up and down nature of a presidential campaign. Especially this one, where substance is irrelative and the voters want to see something fresh, new, and exciting. But after 8 years of Bush, can you blame them?

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