Tuesday, June 2, 2009

120 degrees and 400% humidity

Well it's pretty much a shock to my system to be back in Oklahoma, especially during the summer, especially after recovering from Calgary's brutal winter. God is probably looking down on me laughing his ass off right now. I envy whoever is from Calgary that goes to school at OU (they're probably not studying architecture) because they get to spend the winter in Norman, and the summer in Calgary. That's a good balance. This however, is a balance..but a really, really bad one.

Now that I am 100% back in town and all set up, hopefully it will be a lot easier for me to update this blog, be more active both in kind and online when it comes to OKC's urban transformation, and all of that good stuff..before I go back for my 4th year of arch school. In the past, whenever I wasn't on the U of C campus I had to use my pda phone to stay connected to the Internet and blogs..but now it won't feel like I'm writing the World's Longest Text Message each time I comment on a blog, write a blog entry, etc. I already feel liberated from my mouse-sized qwerty keypad!

There are so many issues to tackle. There are so many improvements to take stock of and celebrate. And there is so much planning and striving that remains to be done that no time can be wasted.

I don't really know what to tag this blog entry under, so I'll give it a tag I have no idea about..anecdotal whimsy. It makes perfect sense..I have no idea what anecdotal whimsy is, and I have no idea what to tag this entry..so it's a match made in Heaven.

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