Thursday, August 12, 2010

Please do not vote for Calvey

I happen to think that Oklahoma deserves better than the Kevin Calvey playbook of politics. Every time I see one of the guys political ads, I literally vomit in my mouth. So glad I'm far enough north now that I'm out of reach of his crap.

So if there is anything I can do to promote a brighter Oklahoma, allow me to urge any readers who may be registered Republican and live in CD5 to VOTE FOR LANKFORD. He's not that bad, really. I guess, although I liked that Indian doctor dude.

Is Calvey running for CD5 or is he running against Obama, CAIR, and other irrelevant outside factors? Why can't he talk about what he'll do for the voters of this district instead of trying to play voters who are annoyed by Chairman O's every move? I'll tell you what, I think Calvey and his ridiculous campaign of running against these unrelated irrelevant outside factors is about as retarded as Democrats running against Bush in 2008..and 2010, apparently.

Are voters in this district so stupid that they're going to fall for Calvey's crap? I hope not. I don't know what makes me want to barf more. The amateurish push calls asking NW OKC voters if they were aware Lankford supported MAPS 3 and refuses to make his campaign about CAIR, or the whole joining the Army and raising a postcard family so that one day it will serve you well in political ads?

Oh yeah, and his campaign is financed by $270,000 in unloaded stocks from his brother's Russian private equity fund, which by the way, is co-managed by the last director of the KGB. That's right, Calvey is a closet commie (ok, that may be conjecture, lord knows he would only do communism if it would work with idiot voters) who's connected to the KGB who's also illegally financing his campaign.

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