Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have a Tulsa counterpart now

Came across a new blog that tracks Tulsa urban development. I've promoted a Tulsa counterpart before and then been disappointed when they end up a flash in the pan, so I wish Kyle, the blogger of Come on Tulsa, the best of luck--and a lot of energy and gusto!

This reminds me, I myself have a few Tulsa construction update pics that I took recently... just more pics that I'm backed up with!


Kyle said...

Thanks for the recognition! I've followed your blog and the layout, along with the posts, are largely modeled after your blog. I was wondering why I had such a huge hump in traffic today...

NR said...

Cool! I've seen my blog quoted a lot of times, particularly by outsiders looking up OKC info, etc.-but this is just a niche of media that a lot of people will read, and think hard about, but few will comment. So it's virtually impossible to get a real read on just how many people are keeping up with you.

You may have seen, but occasionally I do a Tulsa update, just because some folks in OKC are interested in what's going on up the turnpike, though not all certainly.

P.S. How do you monitor traffic? That's never worked for me, or maybe I'm just so inefficient that I can't figure it out.

Kyle said...

I use Google Analytics. It's free and very easy. It gives you the number of unique visitors, and not just views, which is really helpful. It also tells you the average amount of time spent on your blog, among many other things. Make sure you log into your regular Blogger stats page, and select to not track your own views, in order to get accurate results.

PS: You may have noticed that I have a counter for total views at the bottom of my blog.