Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stockholm Syndrome

Questor on OKC Talk asked for more Stockholm pictures, so here they are. Now with captions!

Bustling Drottninggatan street in Central Stockholm, a pedestrian shopping mall

A typical side street in Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Inside the Sveriges Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)

Standing in front of the Nobel Institute in Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Busy Hornsgatan street in Sodermalm

Gotgatan street in Sodermalm

Overlooking Gamla Stan (Old Town) from Sodermalm

Skeppsbron Street in Gamla Stan (Old Town)


-Kyle said...

Wow, Stockholm is beautiful! For some reason I have a thing about those old narrow streets, I think they are so cool. Thanks for sharing those pictures.


Questor said...

I looked through those photos a few times with the intent of saying which one was my favorite. Turns out they are all my favorite... Guess I just love the look of that city. Thanks for posting those, very cool!