Sunday, February 26, 2012

Huff Post: OKC #5 wealthiest ZIP code

WOW (click me). Apparently OKC is home to the nation's #5 wealthiest "ZIP code," 73154. Apparently in OKC there actually exists a ZIP code with an average household income of $888,000.

Where is this ZIP code located, you ask? One building. The Shartel Station post office, where Aubrey McClendon's PO box is located. There must be 367 more uber-wealthy PO boxes (well duh, this is the Nichols Hills post office), because the IRS lists only 368 tax returns filed for this "ZIP code."

So, being home to the #5 wealthiest ZIP code in America and all that jazz, surely we deserve at least a decent snapshot that would represent our fair city to Huffington Post readers that normally never think of OKC? No? Okay, worst possible photo of OKC it is...

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