Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paging any planners

One thing had me wondering about the proposed Boulevard plans. Has there been a SINGLE individual with a degree in urban planning, regional planning, urban design, environmental design, etc. (ie., anything BUT civil engineering) who has said that the boulevard should be elevated? Can anyone name someone? Anyone? Just one person??

(Of course that's a rhetorical question, because we're referring to a boulevard that has only come about through sparse cooperation with ODOT and OKC Public Works.)

How can we make such a major decision in our city planning without input from a SINGLE individual who actually has a degree in anything planning or design-related. The thought of the elevated boulevard is repulsive. The thought of such major decisions, not just failing to include, but actively patronizing those who do have planning or design expertise - that goes beyond this boulevard, and is a much more serious issue.

Something is rotten in OKC right now. Very rotten.

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Anonymous said...

Had a PR class with the director of PR for ODOT a few years back and this person said they has been round and round with engineers in regards to issues similar to this one. Also said that engineers think one way and that is the how to move traffic from point A to point B as quick and easy as possible. So I can definately see why they have presented the elevated proposal, hopefully they will see the light.