Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do we make the news?

Well, I feel like Council went quite well today. Watch for us on the news! I know I myself may end up on News9 and KOCO, as I was interviewed by one of their lovely reporters as I was leaving council chambers. NewsOK's Michael Kimball was tweeting live, and he'll have a full wrap-up. No sign of KFOR - no offense to their viewing audience, but they're probably the least likely to cover something downtown.

edit: Here is the Kimball write-up, which was indeed quite favorable to the better boulevard. It's important that the factual record stress that the earthen ramp will hinder development, which we can all agree we need more of if we're ever going to keep up with demand for housing, etc.

edit2: News9 has their coverage of today up online, and it looks very good, congrats to News9 on a well-produced story. I was pretty surprised that I made the cut personally, as there's nothing quite like seeing yourself in high definition on the evening news. I think Wenger's bit is the most important, because it really shows the engineers coming around and beginning to think with more emphasis on planning's concerns, like walkability. Could we all be singing Kumbaya down on the Boulevard?

"The people in Oklahoma City have ideas themselves, and it's important for ideas to come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds," Nick Roberts said. 
Nick Roberts with Friends for a Better Boulevard says repeating mistakes from the past will keep younger generations and growth from OKC. 
"We've also seen this boulevard get designed in a way that's going to decimate the southwest side, we believe," Roberts said.
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(Please forgive any self-congratulating on my part, I just hate public speaking, and I'm not used to actually sounding coherent on these news reels and at City Hall.) :P

edit3: We made KFOR too (including a snippet of me up at the podium), and I heard that we made KOCO as well. I'll stop here. But it was a good one-day media blitz for sure!


David said...

You did a very good job making many great points. Wish the live webcam roundabout had stayed up for the whole meeting.

NR said...

I was so nervous that there would be a wreck on live tv! I wasn't comfortable with our hopes resting on the driving aptitude of Canucks, but they came through for at least a while! :P