Monday, January 19, 2009

Review of the last 8 years..

For a while now, the poll on the left hand is going to ask your opinion of how you feel the first 8 years of 2000 have gone for urban areas. It will be interesting to determine in which areas we've made improvements, in which areas we still have a lot of improvement to make, and in which areas we've regressed. Before going into this I will admit that my perception is that we've probably made significant strides in urban areas. We've cleaned up a lot of ghettos and revitalized almost every major urban core. We're a much better nation for the last 8 years. We may have the war, the economy, and China to worry about, but we can at least be sure, I think, that our cities are greatly improved places. But we'll see what the data says once we take a closer look.

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