Thursday, January 29, 2009

Digesting the digest

Earlier in my post on OKC's new urban style.. an architectural digest I didn't label the pictures, leaving everyone confused if they don't know what every building in OKC is. So I'll take the time to do so as I should have in the first place.

Please refer back to the original post by following the above link. You probably know most of them, so if there is one you don't know you can probably find the one above it and locate it on this list.

1 East Village, a mixed-use project in East Norman
2 The OU's Children's Hospital finishing up construction right now in OKC
3 Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art @ OU in Norman
4 Looking down Harvey at the downtown library and the Galleria Parking
5 Crystal Bridge in the Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown OKC
6 The former Hertz Financial Center on Northwest Expressway
7 Sam Noble Museum of Natural History @ OU in Norman
8 The new OKC Federal Building, downtown
9 Proposal for the Heights on 7th in Midtown OKC
10 Proposal for Maywood Hall, downtown OKC
12 The Stage Center in downtown OKC
13 Core2Shore prospective illustrations
14 New design schemes for Ford Center
15 Momentum Market, downtown OKC
16 OU Boathouse, Oklahoma River
17 OCU Boathouse, Oklahoma River
18 UCO Boathouse, Oklahoma River
19 Core2Shore prospective illustrations
20 Gardens at the American Indian Cultural Center, Oklahoma River
21 SkyDance Bridge over I-40 in Core2Shore
22 Proposal for OMRF's new building at the Oklahoma Health Center
23 Scultpure designed by Anthony McDermid at Maywood Park
24 Proposal for the Candy Factory renovations, Bricktown
25 OU Cancer Research Insititute, OKC
26 "Lincoln streethouse" personal residence in OKC
27 Proposal for new OKC Chamber building, downtown
28 Nonna's Euro Ristorante, Bricktown
29 Proposal for The Flatiron, downtown
30 Underground in downtown (the renovated Conncourse)
31 Proposal for Block 42, downtown (completed)
32 Proposal for Lofts @ Maywood Park (well under construction)
33 Proposal for the Carnegie Lofts in the old downtown library
34 Proposal for Dean McGee Eye Institute in Okla. Health Center
35 LiT nightclub, Bricktown
36 POPS east of Edmond on Rt 66
37 HGTV-featured interior design at Doc Blue's pad, Bricktown
38 RED Prime Steakhouse, North Broadway
39 Chesapeake Boathouse, Oklahoma River
41 Welcome sign at Will Rogers World Airport
42 Boldt Engineering Regional HQ, Broadway Extension @ Hefner
43 Devon Tower atrium, downtown
44 City Rescue Mission, west of downtown
45 Proposal for Central Avenue Villas, downtown (just completed)
46 New office building for Kilpatrick Oil Company, N Western @ Britton

Hope this clears it up for everyone.