Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh yeah, route is final!

One of the ironic things about the MAPS 3 drama from this week (in case you haven't heard, ADG came out with this "study"), is that lost in all this in-fighting on committees (and the transit project being forced to defend itself from an unwarranted attack piece) is that the route is FINAL! Yes indeed.

It came out a few weeks ago that the BNSF underpasses leading into Bricktown would in fact be conducive to to provide enough clearance for the streetcar, which makes it an easy, viable option for connecting Bricktown and Deep Deuce to points west of the BNSF viaduct, which has had significant implications for the streetcar route planning process, which had been leaving open the likely possibility that those underpasses were not conducive. As a result of this discovery, the route is now finished: Here is the link to the route map on

Here is the finalized route with a few graphic upgrades to help some of you guys pinpoint the route.

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