Monday, March 19, 2012

Preftakes bombshell

This just in: Precor-Ruffin, Nick Preftakes' brokerage firm, has sent out an advisory that the Main Street properties are now available for lease and "can be modified to suit tenant specifications." Also, kudos to Lackmeyer for saliently pointing out that this is OKC's last remnant of what was once a grandiose Main Street.

What it means, I doubt anyone except Nick Preftakes knows for sure. And probably Larry Nichols. Perhaps this site has been shifted from consideration for a new skyscraper, as the Stage Center property is moving ever closer to the bring of demolition. Ideally, this Main Street block now sees consideration for high-profile mixed-use development, with context-specific concepts such as urban lofts, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, all in repurposed historic buildings. So in this sense, perhaps it is better for this block to not be under the next spotlight, but rather, be seen as a complimentary piece of the bigger picture--how every block should be seen.

Here's hoping that this is a victory for historic preservation, and not another confusing ploy.


Anonymous said...

I hope the described scenario is the case. Although I would like to see the Stafe Center preserved, I would rather see it go than the Preftakes block. Keep up the good reporting and commentary!

Anonymous said...

this is obviously just a ploy.