Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clerical stuff

Hey guys! I had two quick clerical things to get out of the way, in terms of running the blog..

#1 - Some of you may have heard I got a job and I'm moving to Cleveland, OH to start a new life and also to make my start in the urban design profession. I'm excited, but I've also been asked by many what that means for this blog, and I'm not sure. Sure, I've been away before, but that was different because I always knew exactly when I will be back. I have come to the conclusion that this blog needs co-authors, so if any readers are interested in helping me keep this going, the more the merrier. Email me at Of course, I'll still contribute as much as I can, but I want this blog moving forward, not backward.

#2 - Some of you have noticed that I got lazy and stopped tagging my blog posts a long time ago. I can go back and tag some of them if it makes it easier for you guys to reference, but I won't do it unless more people tell me they'd like me to. Yes, I'm that lazy. Just make a comment (super easy, you can even do it as anonymous) letting me know that you need those posts tagged.



Ed Shadid said...

I need the posts tagged; I have used them frequently.

Ed Shadid said...

Don't be lazy :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this /\ guy!

We agree here at my office. Just because you have a new job doesn't mean you can get lazy!

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