Thursday, August 9, 2012

Midtown has that new website smell

Midtown Renaissance: Full Video Coming Soon from Midtown Renaissance on Vimeo.

MidtownRenaissance (Howard/Clagg/et al.), which has recently announced a ton of really exciting deals such as a partnership with Coury Properties to renovate the Osler into an upscale boutique hotel, or their partnership with the city to build a parking garage on NW10th between the 1101 building (on Broadway) and the Frontline Church (on Robinson) - has unveiled a new website recently that is getting so much buzz it is currently down because the servers appear to be swamped. That is a very impressive new website.

For those who don't know, MidtownRenaissance is the group who has redeveloped almost all of NW 10th as well as a few properties north of that strip. Their residential properties are the toast of downtown - all completely-occupied, usually fully leased before they even finish construction, and they have done nothing but top-notch historic preservation projects such as: The Cline, The Packard, Hadden Hall, some properties west of Shartel, and so on. They also own the Plaza Court, recently redid 1212 N. Walker, and are now in the middle of renovating the Guardian Lofts (which has a fantastic new parking structure that actually contributes to the built environment), 1100 and 1101 N. Broadway, and will soon start the 430 Lofts and restoring the old Marion Hotel with structured parking across the street.

MidtownRenaissance is probably the most successful downtown developer there is, and due to their impressive track record, I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a new downtown rental. Oddly enough, one thing they haven't done at all is for-sale residential, and I'd be curious if they could raise the bar for that sector as well, as they have already raised the bar for the rental market. The only thing they've been unable to do is provide enough units for all the interest they've gotten - which proves one important point: That people in the market for downtown living spaces will pay for quality.

Here are some photos from their 1212 N. Walker project:


Questor said...

Wow, those interior photos of 1212 are amazing. These units are rentals aren't they?

NR said...

Yes, starting at $750 I believe, and completely accounted for :(