Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paramount film screening tonight!

The Paramount has opened this week. I was having dinner at Joey's and noticed their coffee shop was open the other day, so I stopped in to check it out... upon chatting with the fantastic owners, learned that they were having their first inaugural film screening TONIGHT at 6:30 and 8:30. It will be a classic film, but beyond that they wanted to keep the film title under wraps until the curtain went up. I am kicking myself that I had a prior engagement, but I hope anyone who loves classic films and seeing OKC continue to grow and evolve will come down and check it out.

To get in you simply sign up for a membership. They are an extremely informal, well-intended operation - by "membership" they mean that you write your name down on a piece of paper and contribute whatever you think your membership is worth. A dollar could get you in if you're just wanting to see this screening. I hope tons of people show up to pack the house and give these ladies a very successful grand opening.

On a side note, Lee Avenue has actually turned into a nice, cohesive corridor?!?

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