Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calgary: Urban and Suburban

If I haven't mentioned lately how strongly I feel about Calgary being "God's Country" let me go ahead and say that now. Man I love it here. And for the record, even though I might put up some pics I've taken around Calgary lately, this pic was shot by SurrealPlaces on SSP. I just think it really shows the vastness of the Calgary skyline looming in the distance of some nice topography.

Even though the urbanites here in Calgary have a strong dislike of the suburban sprawl that has been occurring here, I just keep reminding them how much worse it could be. Calgary still has a huge downtown population, and is adding thousands each year. The entire metro is pretty accessible with a great highway network and great LRT (c-Train) access. This is something that OKC could easily become in 20-30 years if it invests in all the right infrastructure.

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