Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New loft project on Walker Ave/MidTown

Great new loft project soon to be underway on Walker, across from the MidTown Deli. It's just a stone's throw to the north and across the street from the Plaza Court, which since being completely renovated, has become the epicenter of life in the MidTown area. This project, between the Walker/Tenth traffic circle and 12th, was called Heritage Lofts and now's been redesigned and redubbed 12 12 (address is 1212 N. Walker). Have to say that the redesign was an incredible job. The prominent balconies completely redefine the relationships the building has and how the facade interacts with the onlooker. Much more inviting, not to mention modern.

12 12 will soon be underway, with developers hoping to be doing leasing next summer. It will have 21 contemporary apartments, all either 1 or 2 bedrooms--reaching an underserved market looking for stylish, small, reasonably-priced alternatives in the downtown area. Along Walker will be 4,000 sf of street-level retail, to be filled with a coffee shop and a cafe or tenants similar to the Walker Shops or Plaza Court across the street.

With the Packard Building still progressing (inside was gutted, they put new windows on it last time I was in OKC, and I presume they're finishing the interior) and work supposedly (according to Steve's response to a post where I was critical of MidTown progress) is about to begin on the Osler Lofts as well. If all of that holds true then MidTown is still a pretty hot area for development after all. And yeah, I'm in a very optimistic mood at the moment. Seeing the 12 12 project will do that to ya. It's great to see the MidTown Renaissance guys still moving forward in this economy. Hopefully, and undoubtedly, it will pay back dividends as OKC's downtown market continues to buck the national trend, and especially as the economy recovers.

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