Thursday, November 19, 2009

Devon skyline views

With Devon well under way, and anticipation pent up for completion of the 850 foot tall tower in 3 years, a lot of people have done mockups of what Devon will look like in the skyline. The best I have seen come from Shane Hampton over at

One series uses Google Earth, and the other series just photoshops it into a photograph taken from Fair Park.

From Fair Park:


From Google Earth:
From St. Anthony's

From North Broadway

From the Oklahoma Health Center

From the Bricktown Ballpark

Of course I think for the Google Earth renderings, that the tower might be too slender.. it will actually have a larger footprint than the Oklahoma Tower, whereas in many of the Google Earth images it appeared as if the Oklahoma Tower had a lot more girth. So these are off a little bit, but it's still an interesting illustration. For full size pics check out Shane's blog at rezoneOKC, as well as his in-progress development charts.

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Blair Humphreys said...

This is cool. Thanks for posting!