Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chesapeake tears down first office

Chopt Square: The building where, for Chespeake Energy, it all began. This building, the original office building on the Chesapeake campus, is now tumbling down as Chespeake's ever-evolving campus construction plans have said it has to go. It's replacement will be a park that features a soccer field for recreation..the park is dubbed 'Central Park,' which hopefully means that name is taken when it comes time to name a MAPS 3 park (seriously).

Similarly to a new hot rod, it's what's underneath that matters most. Underneath this soccer field will be an underground, 3-level, 380-car garage at the heart of the Chesapeake campus where parking is most dire.

Chesapeake, according to the article in the Daily Oklahoman, is now up to 3,300 employees at their Nichols Hills headquarters campus. The rapid construction of their corporate campus has been a hot-button issue in Nichols Hills for the last 3-4 years. Generally speaking, we first find out about another Chesapeake project when the construction crew arrives on site, or in this case, when the existing building comes tumbling down.

And apparently--Chesapeake doesn't shy away from tearing down the building where the corporation began, which is no surprise to anyone whose seen the large chunk of Nichols Hills and North Oklahoma City that Chesapeake has gobbled up.

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