Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cityshot XXIX

I love it when buildings with contemporary design merits build off of each other. What is this, Rotterdam? No, it's Oklahoma City. This profiles the Central Avenue Lofts against the Block 42 condominiums.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Seattle or Denver area with the snow.


Doug Dawg said...

Nick, that's a most excellent photo (along with the scores of others you took of your photo shoot a few days ago, posted at As I said there, the collection of all those images is the most comprehensive set of images that I've seen for contemporary downtown. Great, great job.

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

Thanks Doug. It's only going to keep getting better from here on out.

Curt, Seattle and Denver works best. I immediately thought to compare it to Little Rock but I realized that I would be the only one that sees Arkansas' capital city as a downtown gem, so I went for Europe.

But the Denver resemblances are impossible to ignore.