Friday, January 8, 2010

Planning Dept memo: Stickin' it to Bricktown

Re: Stickin' it to Bricktown
Hey, here's a great idea. Let's put Bricktown out of business. Literally, we need to send a message to anyone considering going against the grain of urban renewal..and Bricktown did certainly develop against the grain of urban renewal. That is not acceptable. We realize that nearly half of Bricktown's business on busier nights is convention-related, so we can simply relocate the convention center from close proximity and completely shut down those businesses.

A message needs to be sent to any potential developers, investors, residents, tenants, business owners, and anyone else that challenges the authority of OCURA in affecting the course of downtown Oklahoma City's growth. This also goes for any people in our circle who might try to stall progress for "urban planning principles." Our stance is that urban planning idealists are misguided and not capable of visionary thinking. They can only criticize proposals, but offering positive suggestions that are viable is not something we expect of them.

It will be clearly understood that the future of downtown Oklahoma City is in the Core2Shore task force lands that the voters approved several large scale capital improvement projects for. The convention center WILL be next to the park, but until so, we'll continue to pretend to evaluate other sites. This is how we will market our city in postcards.

(This isn't anything close to an actual memo, and nobody is going out of their way to shut Bricktown down, but you get the point. Core2Shore has become bad news, plain and simple.)

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