Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stay tuned..

I don't typically do this, but due to how busy I've suddenly become in my life and my tendency to start something and forget about it, I thought I would share with you all everything I have planned for this blog for the next 2 weeks or so. This way, not only will I have a place to come back and see my plans, but you guys can hold me to completing these posts. And yes, this blog is important to me. Before it was not, but now that I have seen how many people actually do read it, and who some of those people are, and how I have the ability to actually advocate on issues, yes--this blog is important to me.

With that said, here's what I hope to get to:

1. A post that is already partly written, I just need to finish it. It's a study on how cities occasionally balkanize, for lack of a better term, and split into two separate distinct cities. North and South OKC are a great example, and obviously this is just yet another post that is mainly examining the N/S split in OKC. Some interesting conclusions, one of the better posts I have planned..

2. I really need to get around to providing a full analysis of the Sandridge Commons proposal now that it's been revealed in its entirety, but I'm not too worried about this right now.. obviously I'll have a while to push the issue, and just like I focused on MAPS 3 for a while, after the interim I plan on this blog sort of shifting to focus on that issue for a while leading up to the decision.

3. I have a post on E.K. Gaylord and the possible intermodal transit hub, which I understand ACOG is in the midst of studying. My research on EKG is complete, now I'm just waiting till I have time to contact someone from ACOG to see where they stand on the hub. That way I can also subtly let them know about my blog so they see the post as well.

4. I also plan to compare some fairly shocking aerial images of incredibly dense mid-tier cities such as Louisville ("Loovul"), Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, etc.. to OKC. Hopefully with this I can demonstrate the need for critical mass density, which is achieved one streetwall at a time.

5. And of course, I have hundreds of OKC photos to sort through..lots of Cityshots interspersed in there.

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Mark said...

On the N/S split it's shown up in the plowing of the streets I think. Reno and Bricktown areas were well tended as of Saturday late evening, but Shields was only two lanes clean down to about 59th, and past that no lanes seemed to be clean like they had only been plowed once. My friends and I when we drove into Moore the difference in Shields was night and day, all three lanes dry and clean. I'll have to try to get north of Bricktown some on Sunday to see how things look.