Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Small-scale redevelopment on track

Many people may have noticed that the peach-brick 2 story building on 2nd Street across from the Lofts at Maywood Park has been having a ton of work done to it, and now recently, is being expanded with an additional level. Such extensive work to completely makeover a former warehouse into a mixed-use private abode was originally planned 3-4 years, long before Maywood Park began to surface. In fact owners Larry and Regina Waters didn't even realize that the area surrounding their building would ignite with new residential development when they were drafting plans years ago.

So why the delay? Originally the project architect was Bart Shedeck who drew up the designs before passing away, so then the Waters brought in a new architect, Bill Gumerson (who is also working on the Blue Door). Today construction is commencing "full speed."

The Clark Building, first built in 1922, has 10,475 sf on two floors, and the Waters are adding a 1,500 sf rooftop addition (they bought the building off the market for $350,000, although before that it had sold for as cheaply as $65,000, to Meg Salyer). The 2nd floor and rooftop areas will be turned into the Waters' new residence, 7,000 sf total. The first floor will be divided into a 4,000 sf retail space and a 1,500 sf apartment in the rear. Parking will be on the side where a drive drips down into the basement, which is being renovated into a garage. If anyone is interested in leasing the retail space or the apartment, here's a website to check out.

Some pictures I took yesterday when I was out and about..

The skyline backdrop is much more dramatic in person, because you have to realize that 2nd Street slopes down towards the tracks (Deep Deuce is generally a hilly area). Their rooftop patio and outdoor swimming pool area will have possibly one of the best urban views in all of Oklahoma.

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