Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here's a real downtown streetscape

Greenville, SC

You can't help but be floored by the urban canopy here. This is how you create a timeless and amazing downtown streetscape. Not only does the continuity create an attractive, well-defined space, but it solves problems of shading. Keep in mind, this is Carolina where it is often steamy, muggy, or raining--shade is a great thing. OKC, which is in desperate need of some urban canopy of its own, not to mention well-defined spaces, could learn some things from this.


OKC Herbivore said...

greenville was such a huge surprise. amazing record store there called earshot. really cool little town. spartanburg is too, in a Guthrie to OKC kinda way.

Michael Herndon said...

Well, they're attempting this with Project 180. They have a meticulous plan for the trees; the types that work in urban environments, have canopies of at least 10ft, and are spaced at a constant distance apart from eachother throughout all the new streetscapes downtown. But I know you know this as well. Maybe some day these efforts will bring Downtown OKC something comparable to Greenville's beauty. We'll have to utilize different species that'll most likely never be as grand as those in the picture.