Friday, December 10, 2010

Tulsa's own West Bank smirmish

Jerry Gordon, the developer of the RiverWalk Crossing project in Jenks, was apparently a big player in a project that was proposed for the west bank of the Arkansas River in Tulsa. The great thing about these TDA & City Council-involved projects is that we only find out about them after they're dead. My personal opinion of this project is that it's a pretty rendering but it's really not too special of a project..though the harbor it integrates is kinda cool.

Their website says: "This is our newest project under design and planning on the beautiful Arkansas River looking over downtown Tulsa. It will feature a Harbor, Docks, Theater, Hotel, Amphitheater, and over 500,000 square feet of Retail, Office, and Residential."

Here's the rendering:

After the powers that be in Tulsa decided to stop working with him, which it should be noted that Gordon is a very angry individual who is currently up to his eyeballs in bankruptcy, Gordon wrote this lovely letter to Mayor Bartlett's chief of staff, Terry Simonson, and CC'd Bill Christiansen and Jim Robertson:

From: Jerry Gordon
Date: Friday, December 3, 2010

To: "Simonson, Terry" CC: Christiansen, Bill; CC: Robertson, Jim

Mr. Simonson, This letter is to inform you that at this time I am backing down on my plans to develop the West bank as I have spent the last 7 months planning. I have to say you and the Mayor's interference in my project is legally wrong and could be fought as Tortuous (sic) interference, also known as Intentional interference with contractual relations but I think fighting that is something that this City doesn't need to go through at this time with this administration. I was trying to help MY city, not hurt it as I feel you are doing. I will warn you of this though, Please do not attempt to distribute or copy my plans in any way or I will seek legal action. I confided in you and the Mayor and expect that much out of you. One more point, when I started this process I asked of Julie Minor and Clay Byrd, in our first meeting, to please not let politics get into our planning because I have seen what can happen. You have sure shown me why Tulsa s always trailing Oklahoma City.
Jerry R. Gordon
JRG Developments,LLC

Wow. What a tool.


Ian said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is a great legacy for Jerry R. Gordon, the little man who tried to make it big. Karma came and bit you, Jerry. I can't seem to stop laughing. You deserve it, Mr. Big Shot.