Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Major irony

Anyone else notice the irony in the convention center study that council just approved? More on this later. Just a tease...

Hint: Go back and review groups that have conducted all of the prior studies on the convention center.


There answer is that the study is going to be executed by Populous. Populous is a spin-off of HOK, which is a large consulting firm that is probably the #1 experts in the field of arenas, stadiums, and convention centers. HOK did a convention center for us a year or so ago before the MAPS3 vote. So now the convention center studies are officially coming full circle. I wonder if this will even have the exact same people, exact same criteria, but shockingly different results?

I wonder what is going on...

P.S. It's also interesting, but maybe just to me, that Populous lists their Norman office on a page with the header "Kansas City Office" and uses a graphic that is basically the Calgary skyline, taken from the Stampede. They don't list an office in Calgary.

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