Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Score some more for Deep Deuce

In today's Oklahoman, there's a Lackmeyer article about a housing project that OCURA hear in their meeting today. That's pretty routine business for OCURA, what makes this newsworthy is that the proposal is by Ron Bradshaw, who just finished a big project with the 2nd Street Lofts, and he's proposing all-rental now, and using one of the architects that's done a lot in Uptown Dallas. We know that this will be a 139-unit, $16M project. This project is at 4th and Oklahoma Ave--I suspect this is the site that will back up to the new Brownstones at Maywood Park, so it won't be a full block like LEVEL.

In the article, he admits that he and other developers put the cart before the horse in going full steam ahead with condo, which has proven to be a harder sell. Also interesting, aside from that we suspected Bradshaw would move on to another project soon, is that he proposed this so soon. He earlier said he would wait until selling out his project on 2nd Street, which makes me wonder if sales had picked up over there.

At any rate, it certainly looks like the economy is picking back up, and that downtown development is really taking off again. This project seeks to break ground this summer at 4th and Oklahoma Ave. It will be under construction simultaneously with the next phase of The Hill, the 7-story Aloft Hotel on Walnut, Richard McKown's full-block LEVEL development, as finishing touches are put on the Clark Bldg on 2nd Street, all in Deep Deuce alone. That will be a huge amount of construction in one area. Add it to the potential for some new mid-rises in St. Anthony, Dick Tanenbaum wanting to break ground as soon as he gets his hands on the old Mercy site, all the infill in SoSA, two proposed hotels in Bricktown, and some A-Alley renovations--there is a TON going on right now.

Downtown development is looking less and less dominated by Devon Tower and Project 180/MAPS3/Public and civic sector projects.

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Kyle said...

Holy crap! That's a lot. It is amazing what you guys have going on down in OKC. (I'm from Tulsa)