Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preach unto thee...insanity

In case you haven't heard, the two Tea Party candidates running for City Council wards (running against Ryan and Salyer), go to the same extremist Baptist church. They have been trying really hard to appeal to people's sense of inner righteousness to get elected and to eliminate MAPS, stunting the growth of the city. They have dodged any direct questions that have to do with actual policies and plans with the city and have, in true Tea Party fashion, not shown up for any of the debates with other candidates. This op-ed in the Oklahoman is interesting, because their pastor (or leader or savior or whatever arrangement they have in their cult) says they're just trying to "keep a low profile" which they should be commended for. Wow, what a load of baloney. You skipped out on the debates and refuse to be in the same place at once with the respected city leaders who you're trashing for moving the city forward.

Without further ado

History's first 'MAPS' project was the Tower of Babel

Published: February 25, 2011

'Forum flight: Some challengers to Oklahoma City Council keep low profile' (Our Views, Feb. 22) focused on Adrian Van Manen and Cliff Hearron not attending a forum for city council candidates, but it passed over two other candidates who also weren't at the event. Since the number of Ward 6 and Ward 8 residents in the forum audience isn't known, it makes sense that Hearron and Van Manen would rather knock on people's doors in their wards and talk to actual voters.

I'm glad that Van Manen and Hearron are focusing upon bolstering our police and fire departments. If you study the Bible, you'll see that God instituted human government in order to protect and defend, not to burden citizens with higher taxes to fund projects not necessary to maintaining peace and safety. Oklahoma City residents would be wise to remember that the first 'MAPS project' in human history ended with God confusing the languages at the Tower of Babel.

Rev. Tom Vineyard, Oklahoma City

Vineyard is pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church and a leader in the tea party movement, which supports Van Manen and Hearron.


Kris Bryant said...

I am amazed by the narrow-mindedness. The MAPS tax is something that the voters decided for themselves, that's how democracy works. The Tea Party's mantra is "no taxes" while the actual Tea Party in Boston was about taxation "without representation." Taxes are a part of the social contract. If we want public amenities we have to be willing to share in the cost.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party's Mantra is not no taxes. It is responsible spending and limited government.

Who from the Tea Party has endorsed these people. Did they just say they are Tea Partiers, because the Tea Party is not an actual party. When it comes to people running for office they have to have an "invite" or endorsement from Sarah Palin to be true Tea Partiers.

Kyle said...

Oh yes, because we all know the Tower of Babel and MAPS are soooo much alike. That is an awful comparison. Also, as somebody else has previously stated, MAPS was approved by the voters. So wouldn't repealing it go against what the majority of voters want, meaning those aside from this church. I really hope this is not what is talked about on Sunday mornings. Apparently if this minority, I emphasize that word, does not think this is good for Oklahoma City, then we might as well go ahead and repeal this unholy measure known as MAPS.

NR said...

Anonymous, these candidates are all working closely with the "Sooner Tea Party" (the active Tea Party organization in this state) to get elected. The Sooner Tea Party has made many remarks about the "liberal OKC city council."

It's so strange and bizarre I couldn't even make it up if I wanted.

Anonymous said...

Has it ever occurred to you that this may have been a hit job? Apparently the people who are affiliated with this church are running against some incumbents who are known to be running things in OKC with a pretty tight fist, I personally am not familiar with the current politics down there so I can't elaborate.

A certain Clay Bennett is good friends with some of the incumbents and the challengers want to put an end to the backdoor deals going on.

I happen to know a person that attends that church and I can assure you he is a very calm and collected man who is just concerned for the future of this country. He wouldn't harm a fly.

I'm just speaking from what little knowledge I know of the whole situation and I've spoken to some people who are familiar with and attend the church down there and they are pretty upset that they were painted as a bunch of lunatics. Anyone who read the article would believe it, I began to question things myself until I heard the other side.

NR said...

Your last two paragraphs are reasonable, your first two paragraphs make you incredulous, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The two largest "tea party" groups in Oklahoma are: Sooner Tea Party and Oklahoma City Tea Party. The Sooner Tea Party is the militia fringers headed up by Al Gerhart, who rants on and on about local and state politics. (Real tea partiers like myself actually believe more governing power should be at the local level, not the federal level...a prime example is the MAPS projects. We choose to give tax money to our cities to build things we can see and use, as opposed to sidewalks in towns we'll never visit or Viagra for sex offenders in Los Angeles.) The OKC Tea Party split from Sooner Tea Party right after a big rally at the capital, attended by 5000. The OKC Tea Party is the bunch of anti-abortion, anti-evolution, anti-gay marriage haters who use the Tea Party name to try to get someone to listen to their yammering on about social issues, NOT fiscal issues. The real tea partiers are going to have to come up with a new name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, I am a different Anonymous than the other 2 or 3 above. This is my first time to comment on A Downtown ontheRange.

NR said...

Anonymous Real Tea Partier, I try not to get political because I myself have my own contradictions and then have absolutely no opinion on a lot of issues. I think the people who are serious about less federal government and can back these things up should be commended.

It's just my opinion as an outside observer of this political phenomenon that it seems a lot more top-down than bottom-up. It definitely appears to be a political brand cleverly orchestrated from the top of the Republican Party intended to give them their own "movement" after democrats trounced them in '08. If you look at the people behind this thing it's not just Al Gerhart in Oklahoma. It's Dick Armey and his cohorts. It's nothing but the same conservative ideology just rebranded with funny hats.

There is a political movement out there that is genuine and has been in existence loooong before Sarah Palin and Dick Armey decided to start the Tea Party nonsense. It's called the Libertarian Party, and they'd be happy to get some new members.

Anonymous said...

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