Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Councilman White resolves his streetcar dispute

I wanted to mention, although late, that Pete White has resolved his dispute over the streetcar and backed off. I think he was just reacting negatively to what he saw from AA and felt better once the subcommittee was able to reassure him it would be a worthwhile endeavor, or so we all hope. He backed off a while ago. Doug also did this really nifty video.

I don't like to toot my own horn, so I didn't mention it back in January when I went before the City Council (namely Pete) and spoke in favor of keeping the streetcar element in MAPS 3. But Doug did this little video and I thought my speech was actually fairly decent this time, although it gets off to a pretty shaky start with some trepidation as I rattle off the usual respectful openings.

I'm not sure how much pressure that social media actually puts on local city leaders. But I'm sure that Doug's videos (he made about 4-5 of them) did help the situation some. I hope Doug will continue to utilize social media outlets and help rally people when he sees that the public MAPS 3 program is taking a detour in any way. Even if Doug felt awkward by using these weapons against a long-time friend of his, Councilman White.

Sorry it took me so long (it's been a crazy few weeks), but good job Doug, and good job to the guys like Jeff and other subcommittee members behind the scenes!


Doug Dawg said...

I though you made a very fine substantive presentation, Nick, with lots of research to back up your points. Unfortunately, at the time, Pete wasn't looking for that kind of substance. He was looking to reinvent the MAPS 3 debate, just at though the vote never happened. Even though he did backtrack on January 18 with qualifications, by then he'd already provided fodder to city council candidates in the upcoming election.

Yes, for whatever its worth (and that may well mean something between nothing and very little), I plan to stay on top of this through the current election cycle, at least. I'd be glad to have your company, if you have time/interest.

NR said...

Doug, you know I'm always down to make anti-urban people feel uncomfortable. Also always down to meet up with fellow pro-downtown people. Let me know. I think once the new council is elected, we'll all have to watch more closely.