Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bricktown - a trashic shame

Well, it turns out that Bricktown was wrong in arguing that the shooting was a Thunder problem, not a Bricktown problem. Bricktown had its second shooting in just a week late last night. This time there was no Thunder Alley for OKC's trashiest hotspot to blame it on.

Bricktown attracts the trashiest crowds in all of OKC. No other nightlife area is as low-class as Bricktown at this point. I feel my duty here is to drive home the point about how trashy Bricktown has become, a natural consequent of businesses over time beginning to cater exclusively to trashiness and cheesiness.

I would encourage people who value their safety and especially their sense of mind to patronize businesses in Midtown, A-Alley, Deep Deuce, Film Row, basically just anywhere but Bricktown, which isn't even an urban district anymore. Actually--the most urban district in all of OKC is now the Plaza District, which Blair Humphreys recently told the Mayor's Development Roundtable is the only neighborhood in OKC where you can window shop, eat, watch a play, grab some drinks, do some people watching, attend a concert, grab some street food, and wake up with a tattoo later. Bricktown has virtually no land uses other than entertainment at this point.

Bricktown is Toby Keith's, Bass Pro, ROK Bar, countless other bars that should be shut down, Whiskey Chick's, chain restaurant central, and a plethora of trashy spectacles that have overtime completely overshadowed the few classy outposts that remain, like the ACM.

It's a shame that Bricktown has come to this point, but it's not been without warning. It's an even bigger shame that the Bricktown Association was desperate to avoid a PR problem (here in OKC, we're all happy to remain delusional telling ourselves Bricktown is great as long we don't have to go there anymore) - so they pinned blame on the Thunder, who capitulated. It's shocking to see Bricktown wield more power than the Thunder, but it also shows what a class-act organization the Thunder is for not even defending Thunder Alley.

Shame on OKC. Shame on Mayor Mick for canceling Thunder Alley. Shame on the Thunder for capitulating. Most of all, shame on Bricktown for squandering our massive public investment in your district on a trashy entertainment hotspot.

I am now going to start personally boycotting Bricktown businesses - I just can't support what this district has become anymore. Trashy trashy trashy.

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