Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plaza District wants YOU

The Plaza District is now taking to an online community redevelopment platform called Popularise, which has been successful in allowing developers and the public to team up and share input on development projects in Washington, DC and Seattle. The Plaza District has OKC listed as the third city with Popularise, featuring two projects including the Coin Laundry recently purchased by Sweet Sixteenth LLC (with Steve Mason) and also an adorable vintage farm house on Blackwelder, dating back to Statehood. For now, they are soliciting business proposals and ideas for sidewalk-street interaction from the public - then they will be allowing the public to vote on competing proposals and take an interactive role with the developers.

According to this post from Plaza Director Kristen Vails on OKC Talk, Sweet Sixteenth LLC does include Steve Mason as well as the Plaza Board President, Aimee Ahpeatone, and several other newcomers to urban development whom Steve will be coaching through the development process.

The old Coin Laundry next to the public parking on 16th isn't just being brought back to life. This project will also set a powerful precedent for community empowerment.

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