Sunday, May 27, 2012

America's Most Beautiful Neighborhoods: Paseo

Travel & Leisure, one of the most respected heavyweights of geographic magazines, came out with a ranking of America's most beautiful neighborhoods. This is the third time in a year (by my count) that the Paseo has made such a listing, the other two being by Forbes and I believe Planetizen (I will double check that).

The timing could not be better. This memorial day weekend is the Paseo Arts Festival, which is the event for which the Paseo definitely shines the most. I personally prefer the smaller, more manageable (yet still vibrant) crowds of First Friday Gallery Walks, but if you want to see FOA-sized crowds in OKC's most eclectic district, this is your weekend. Check out these pics I posted from the Paseo Arts Festival in 2010.

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