Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More large events to close

Now that Thunder Alley is no more, I was thinking of some other large events that now need to be closed due to a singular slip-up that may even be unrelated, given that we are apparently unable to handle 8,000 individuals downtown at once.

1. Opening Night - figures, New Years revelry mixed with cold, who wants that?
2. St. Patrick's Day in Bricktown - too many drunk white guys.
3. Festival of the Arts - waaaay too many people, must protect valuable art.
4. Flaming Lips/March of a Thousand Ghouls - too many ghouls, too few rules.
5. deadCENTER Film Festival - thousands in A-Alley for skateboarding film, too dicey.
6. Fourth of July Fireworks - not just crowds, but also combustible safety liabilities.
7. Mayor's Development Roundtable - too much power at a round table at once.
8. Gay Pride in Film Row - perhaps a little too much pride.
9. Better Block Project - vandalism doesn't make for a better block, right?
10. 2012 NBA World Championship Parade - too much Thunder pride all over again.

Basically put the kibosh on every single spectacle that makes OKC as cool as it is today.

P.S. Mayor Mick Cornett, if you're reading this, grow a spine. Stand up to the gangs and don't give them the power to shut down any event that they show up to. A strong community is a problem for gangs and the mayor is eroding our community spirit by eliminating the team experience for people who can't afford $200/ticket. We're not LA., but in the Playoffs we might as well be apparently.

By bending to pressure from paranoid soccer moms who want the route from Thunder games to their minivan expunged and devoid of any potentially problematic humanoids, you have actually done more than anyone to validate their fears. Now where do we stand with our downtown perception?

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