Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eau contraire

Last week I jubilantly typed out coverage of the Chamber's Breakthrough Luncheon series that will be the PR movement for MAPS 3, or so far, has been. I was pleased that now it appeared they were doing a real PR campaign that involved interaction with the citizens. I just stumbled across it while I was on the Chamber's website. What I didn't realize was that the cost to attend was $35 per plate.

That's ridiculous. Voters have a right to be involved in the process without being forced to commit to $35 per plate at a luncheon. That's not being inclusive of EVERYBODY in the city--all 560,000 proud Oklahoma Citians. That's only including the movers and shakers of downtown, which are already going to support the initiative anyway.

The Chamber and the City should be ashamed of the PR campaign so far and the public involvement behind the MAPS 3 push. What I wrote about, praising it as an informative meeting, I take back. Until we see a real MAPS 3 call for citizen involvement, this is just become a sad joke in my opinion.

Yes I still support MAPS 3. Yes I want it to pass. Yes I want the best for OKC. But this thing will not pass and OKC will not get the best if the Chamber and City don't get their act together, and quick.

Stop making me sick, City Council.

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