Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results in: Big League City

The results are in and OKC has shot way up in the Sporting News' rankings of the best sports cities. Oklahoma, as a state, has fared pretty well. OKC ranked #37 (ranking 42 spots higher than last year), and if that doesn't sound impressive, how about the two cities that surround us in the rankings: #36 Toronto, #38 Austin. To be sure, Norman is factored in with OKC this time, just as Boulder is factored in with Denver. Elsewhere in the state, Stillwater came in second at #60, and Tulsa followed at #82. Out of the Big 12's "pure college towns" only Columbia, MO ranked ahead of Stillwater at #56. Lawrence was #61, Lubbock was #63, Lincoln was #72, Waco was #85, College Station was #86, Manhattan was #91, Ames was #114. The best sports city in the nation was Pittsburgh, coming off of another Steelers Super Bowl.

Photo borrowed from Doug Loudenback. Check out his NBA-in-OKC coverage here.

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