Saturday, October 10, 2009

What the Myriad will have that C2S Park won't..

An amphitheater. Surprisingly, because we expected it would be a focal point of a potential C2S/MAPS park..and nobody has really noticed that there will be no such thing in the park. But it will be included in the Myriad Gardens makeover, it just won't be nearly as grand as many have hoped, despite being called a "distinctive amphitheater." You can call it that all day, but I don't think that what the Myriad Gardens will feature is very distinctive. It is perfect for the 17-acre compact downtown park though.

This is a distinctive amphitheater.

This will be OKC's primary amphitheater.

Prospective C2S/MAPS will have a lawn that a makeshift stage can go on.

Not that I'm saying I'm not pleased with how this has turned out. The Myriad Gardens renovation schemes are impressive, and in my opinion, absolutely perfect for the dense, 17-acre space. I'm also impressed with how it will only cost them $35 million to transform the space into a premier urban green. I just wish that with MAPS3, the City would invest in a more impressive amphitheater for the C2S park that could be used to attract major concerts and events. It would add a lot to the park in that there would always be an open-air venue for major acts in downtown. Granted, nobody would want to put the Zoo Amphitheater out of business..I just think that the two would be similar, yet draw completely different types of performances.

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