Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Oklahoma!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone in Oklahoma and elsewhere reading this blog. Wherever you are, I hope you have a good group of family that you can be with to get the most out of this Holiday Season. If you aren't with your family hopefully you have something that is a "family" to you, and I think it's fair to say Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, although it's kind of late for that. Wouldn't it be kind of cool to have a Menorah or Star of David pattern in one of downtown's skyscrapers along with the crosses? That's just what I always thought at least.

One of the things that I always thought was interesting about Christmas is the stereotypes of "who Christmas is for" that we've reinforced in popular culture, being for your average "all-American" families where the family goes to church and all eats around a big table together. Personally, I didn't do any of that this year. Mass was canceled and my mom said her neighborhood was blocked by snow drifts. And we all know about the commercialization of Christmas, that has been going strong for a hundred years, so I guess that could imply that Christmas is for those who have disposable income, as well.

The funny thing about all of that though is that Jesus didn't have a traditional family, and we only know of him eating a big lovely meal around a large table banquet-style once, and that was the Last Dinner. Instead Jesus had a group of close friends and acquaintances who "were his family" so to speak. In a way Christmas is really about society's misfits, our poor and infirm, and even (especially) alternative lifestyle people. No, they certainly don't idolize eating a big lovely meal with their family around a big table, and sure most of them don't even have family in the sense that most of us do, but it would be for shame if Christmas wasn't for them too. Just as Christmas is about Jesus, who we must remember was certainly "alternative lifestyle" by the Romans' standard, hopefully Christmas helps build families today in both the traditional sense and the non-traditional sense.

Anyway, I hope people stay safe, and while it's not as bad as the drama queens on TV have made it out to be, just be sure you have 4WD and make precautions in the unlikely event you do get stuck if you're being careful! And honestly, what good urbanism blog would be complete without the time-honored tradition of bashing Mike Morgan for Christmas fun?

Just as I consider myself a part of a group of OKC bloggers that feed off each other for energy and ideas, I wanted to point out Doug Loudenback's Christmas post. His Christmas pics are excellent (Automobile Alley, Myriad Gardens, Ice Rink, Bricktown, etc) but also I think he has a nice message as well.

P.S. Anyone who really wants to see some impressive Christmas lights, check out the 2100 block of Markwell Avenue in Bethany, where neighbors have gone all out and choreographed a dancing light display to Christmas music they're transmitting on a low-frequency signal at 102.3 fm (you can only get it in 5-block area). Enter from NW 23rd in front of Putnam City West High School, and be prepared to sit in traffic.

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.