Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Steve Lackmeyer is a terrorist

No, I'm not trying to get people to switch to reading my blog more often. It's true -- Homeland Security has deemed his new book, "Skirvin," to be a threat to freedom so they put the kibosh on his book signing event this Wednesday (tomorrow). Good news though, it will still be going on..next week. The books, which were temporarily quarantined by the people keeping America safe, will be released soon after a detailed inspection and Steve's book debut will go on as planned.


OKC Second Time said...

My fifth grade teacher certainly shared this sentiment.
- Steve

Walker, Downtown Ranger said...

You know, your senior English teacher would have said, "He completely avoids the issue." (Or she would have if she'd have known you'd steer clear of writing anything MAPS 3-related in the final weeks!)

Just kidding.