Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet "The Urbanists"

I always love checking my email and getting interesting emails from developers, journalists, community agencies, readers, and fellow bloggers.. typically all of my email communications are private because I don't just rehash what people "in the know" tell me--I'm not a guy with a loudspeaker who's going to publicly post all of my private conversations. But I do want to post this, because there's a new Tulsa urbanist blog that's looking for publicity, and if anyone is interested in reading about Tulsa I would very much encourage you all to put it in your daily reading as well. It's called The Urbanists.

They've also done quite a bit of posting on OKC.. funny how I am constantly trying to get OKC to learn from the example of other cities, and I particularly admire Tulsa--the people that are sane in Tulsa (ruling out the "OMG Tulsa > OKC" people, or OKC's version of that) are doing the same in admiring and drawing comparisons to OKC. Here's one post highlighting OKC's "condo success"--funny how they included The Hill. Regardless we wish them the best of luck, and sometimes in Oklahoma's two big cities you have to pull the "Other side of the turnpike is better" card in order to get your city to wake up.

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