Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Oklahoman mention

Wow, looks like I was honored to have another mention in the Daily Oklahoman in an article written by Steve Lackmeyer, about how social media and blogs have transformed the downtown discussion. I am incredibly lucky, as critical as I have been of the status quo and the powers that be, to be included in several articles in the state's main newspaper.

Steve wrote..
"Those reporting include Doug Loudenback (www.dougdawg.blogspot.com) and Nick Roberts (www.downtownontherange.blogspot.com) — both established bloggers who also are frequent contributors to www.okctalk.com.

The solicitation of bloggers is a project launched by Michael Scroggins, spokesman for the transit authority, and Kristy Yeager, spokeswoman for the city. Some might question whether such arrangements will ensure nothing but favorable coverage.

But if history is a guide, some of the bloggers, most notably Loudenback and Roberts, have written extensive coverage, both glowing (Loudenback was a big proponent of the NBA effort and Ford Center tax), and negative. (Loudenback wrote critical coverage of the MAPS 3 campaign and Roberts has been critical of Core to Shore development plans.)"

So yeah, a very good mention altogether. I'm still scratching my head and trying to figure all this out. People think I'm an established blogger with a track record.. quite an honor, and especially to be included in Metro Transit's forums on streetcar planning.

The reality is that I am no more than a citizen journalist. I read the same news that everyone else reads. I'm familiar enough with downtown, and know its players well enough that I know where to look to find out the scoop on things. My life is primarily consumed by class and the city I currently live in, which is not OKC. Whenever I get a day that slows down and I have time, all I do is put together some quick research and write up a post that conveys generally the same message as every other post on this site.. OKC needs more infill, more density, smarter planning.. and less distractions from the real issue. I am committed to being a part of the urban movement in OKC, as exciting as it has become.

There is no reason that dozens of readers couldn't do the exact same thing that I do. That's what I'm getting at, and I hope that will eventually come of this.


CGHill said...

Yeah, but (1) you mince no words and (2) you do your homework, which puts you out front of the usual gang of pundits.

Andrew Black said...

And it's no small thing that you've got the dean of OKC bloggers, Mr. Hill, as one of your readers. Keep fighting the status quo Nick.